Creative Man Make Water Plastic Pipe for Catch a lot of Fish on the Rice Field near my Village

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Play-Doh CAMPFIRE PICNIC Creative Activity FOR LITTLE KIDS | itsplaytime612

Play-Doh CAMPFIRE PICNIC Creative Activity FOR LITTLE KIDS | itsplaytime612
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Toys Review includes dolls, playsets, building blocks or construction toys, modeling clay such as Playdoh, Cra-Z-Art and many more! Most toys here are based on the children’s shows on TV like Nick Jr, Disney Junior, Sprout and among others. ITSPLAYTIME612 is Toy Channel for Kids especially Toddlers which includes Unboxing Toys, Toy Review, Pretend Play, Learning Colors, Shapes, Numbers & Alphabet.













itsplaytime612 is a Toy Channel for Kids especially Toddlers which includes Unboxing Toys, Toy Review, Pretend Play, Learning Colors, Shapes, Numbers & Alphabet. This channel caters all the toy brands you can name especially for little girls. There are few toys for little boys too as of now. Sometimes on weekends, we have Family Fun Videos & Games. There is no perfect video in this channel. It’s especially made for little Kids and Toddlers.
Toys include: dolls, playsets, building blocks or construction toys, and many more! Toys Review includes dolls, playsets, building blocks or construction toys, modeling clay such as Playdoh, Cra-Z-Art and many more! Most toys here are based on the children’s shows on TV like Nick Jr, Disney Junior, Sprout and among others. ITSPLAYTIME612 is Toy Channel for Kids especially Toddlers which includes Unboxing Toys, Toy Review, Pretend Play, Learning Colors, Shapes, Numbers & Alphabet.

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Recycled Art – The Creativity & the Junk!

Junk has been an integral part of human life since pre-historic times. Back then, there was not a great deal available, as it is at present times. All thanks to the technological growth in all the spheres! The technological blessing did not come without a huge string of junk. While most of it has to be actually destroyed, there is still left a considerable quantity that we can use to create art, called Recycled Art. This involves looking at trash in new and inventive ways. Aptly enough, the recycling of trash and transforming it into art is like finding treasure out of nowhere.

Recycled Art, also referred to as Junk Art, can be defined as an art form that uses old or used items or day to day trash to create something which is brand-new, attractive, and useful in most cases. By doing this, we end up effectively, lessening trash in the first place, while also creating an aesthetic piece. Therefore, Recycled Art can also be referred to as an environment friendly art form, as the waste products are re-used, which helps in keeping our environment clean.

In Recycled Art, you can create beautiful pieces out of your old torn jeans, worn out sweaters, plastic bubble wrap, grocery bags, empty bottles, computer hardware, or any other piece of electronic goods, and the list is endless. Most of the items used in creating this form of art are symbolic of our times and in due period, will be replaced by other materials. The advantage of reusing and recycling materials in this way helps preserve natural resources, and landfill space, while saving money. Recycled Art can carry any tone, whimsical, poignant, inspiring, useful, beautiful, wearable, humorous, or even hideous.

Art knows no bounds. Artists are free to create any art form out of any object or material that is available to them. Using Recyclable materials to create art is always a win-win situation. The trash is freely available everywhere and doesn’t cost a thing, while the art form helps lower the quantity of waste around and turning it into something useful.

Recycled Art has close ties with Assemblage Movement or Found Object Artwork Movement. It is not considered novelty anymore and is closely related to Save the Earth movement or Green Movement. Here the artists are inspired by the historical account of the old objects and then they try to create the new meanings out of it for future generations by arranging the objects in completely new ways. It is all about dreaming art and making it up. Most artists live by its motto, which states: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Creative Girl Make Fish Trap Using PVC – Fan Guard – Basket To Catch A Lot of Fish

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Creative Girl Make Fish Trap Using PVC – Fan Guard – Basket To Catch A Lot of Fish


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Spring Fabric Trends

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year – everything in the garden is starting to shoot back into life, days are getting longer and warmer and the cold, dark days of winter are coming to an end. One of my favorite flowers this time of year is the daffodil, the bright yellow flowers and verdant green leaves really herald the start of spring. These colors are ideal to use in your home and for your curtain fabric to bring in a touch of spring.

In your home mix bright yellows and greens with creams to create an uplifting palette of colors. These colors are ideal to bring a sunny feel to your kitchen. Use cream or pale wood units as a base for your kitchen scheme. On the walls choose a neutral cream but maybe paint a feature wall in a bright yellow. There are many types of fabric available in these colors so choose a design to suit your taste, this could be stripes, checks or florals or mix all three for a relaxed and country feel. Use for curtains or blinds at the windows and for cushions for your chairs. Kitchen floors need to be practical so tiles are a good choice as they can be easily cleaned. Accessorise your scheme with crockery and storage jars in shade of yellow and green and, most importantly, a vase of fresh spring flowers will complete the look.

In a living room using green as the main color will help bring the outside in. Use a pale green on the walls and for the fabric use a beautiful floral linen fabric in faded colors of green and yellow for curtains and cushions. Pick out some of the colors from the fabric for cushions. These muted colors will bring a relaxing feeling in the living room. Instead of a vase of flowers try using single blooms of delicate spring flowers displayed in pretty glassware.

Children's bedrooms and playrooms are the ideal choice to use a zesty yellow scheme as children love bright colors. Paint a feature wall bright yellow, furniture can also be painted yellow. Look for curtain fabric with yellow and green stripes and use for blinds and cushions.

Whatever your style of decor, from pretty country styles to more contemporary schemes these colors can be used in any setting to bring a bright and sunny feel to your home, banish the winter blues and introduce your home to spring inspired fabric!

45 Most Creative Elevator Ads | 45 Most Clever Elevator Ads

These 45 creative and clever Elevator ads cannot be turned off like T.V commercials and numerous people are watched T.V commercials more than once a day. Some marketing professionals say that creative and clever elevator ads cuts damage in elevators by giving elevator riders to do something between floors. Elevators create their way up and down between floors and have moving doors that when attractively utilized can deliver messages in the genuine and creative way. The publicists have to stand out from hundreds of other commercials techniques the possible customers see every day. They have to be most clever and creative, funny to amaze the audiences and to make them remember. There is no change in the case of elevator advertisements. Check out the list of 45 most creative & clever elevator ads in this video and be surprised by the unlimited imagination of advertisers.

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Creative Selling Strategies 2010

Winning With Creative Sales Techniques

I recently had the opportunity of helping to judge a group of creative sales technique entries for a large distribution company. It reminded me that creativity is now and always has been the way to win the sales game in challenging times and situations. Sometimes you utilize contemporary technology but most of the time sheer creativity is what sets you apart from the competition!

Here are some examples of entries that won the competition. These entries show what has changed and what has stayed the same in creative strategies for selling.

1. Finding and very successfully selling an off-season product to existing “summer-only” business customers. The difference here was in how the customers were identified and contacted. Historically this would have been by phone or in person but in this case the new contacts and customers came via e-blasts and Facebook. The backup and strengthening feature of the new product promotion however, was still a billboard ad campaign. How can you use technology to attract new customers or promote your creative ideas to existing customers?

2. Recognizing that a competitor’s customer was about to lose his existing supplier due to bankruptcy, this salesperson had a new showroom display model of his product delivered…to himself but at the customer’s address. When the retailer called to inform him of the miss-shipped package he apologized for the error and promised to stop by and pick it up. When he asked if they would enjoy seeing the about-to-be-released product version and received a “yes” it was the strong “buy signal” that he had been waiting for. He got the business for the year. This example of creativity would have been a winner in the past just as it was in 2010. What unexpected or remarkable things can you do to open the door or attract your potential customer’s attention?

3. Taking advantage of his bi-lingual abilities this salesperson appealed to his small service contractors (with counter card displays in Spanish) and asked for leads to other similar businesses in the Hispanic community. He offered additional support and/or leads and spiffs in exchange for new contractors signed up. That first program was so successful that he added a second level to the program for referrals to other contractors in different businesses. That was also a success. What strengths and/or unique talents can you utilize to take business away from your competition?

4. Finding a high profile name or event to tie your promotion to is (and always has been) a creative way to have promotions recognized and get response. During the World Cup soccer finals in South Africa this European rep named his July promotion after the country’s coach and team and alluded to their earlier-than-necessary demise. Because the event had everyone (including all of his customers) talking his promotion gained a bit of notoriety and was a huge success. He doubled his business from the previous year’s promotion. What are people thinking and talking about could help you set a timetable for your promotions?

5. Creating unique reports to continually remind customers (and field sales people) of an on-going promotion. This sales manager created unique and customized computer reports, simple but effective, that could continually be e-mailed to his field sales people and their customers. The reports indicated progress made and unit sales still required to attain previously agreed to sales growth incentives. The promotion was the most successful ever with his sales center achieving more than double any other center’s gains. How can you use customized computer reports to remind customers of how they can achieve success in a promotion?

6. Doing night-time, updated sales techniques training and offering customized presentation booklets for a retailer’s entire floor sales staff (as well as offering Saturday deliveries) was how this distributor sales person took 100% of the business away from his competition. The economy had stalled sales and a new round of sales training plus customized presentations rejuvenated this customer’s consumer-business. What unique training can you offer that will help a customer regain sales in a depressed economy?

7. Being creative about how products are assembled, packaged and delivered can sometimes increase volumes because of shared savings. This sales person worked with a customer and created a check with order process that, coupled with a 12 model cookie-cutter program, was able to reduce costs for the distributor and the retailer. When these savings were passed on to the consumer business increased dramatically. How can you find creative ways to save costs and pass the savings on?

No matter how much technology changes our daily lives and sales presentations, creatively solving a problem for a customer is still the winning combination. How can you help a customer regain lost sales? Find the answer and win the game!

Web Design Trend of 2010

The Web design industry is extremely unpredictable as the trends keep changing every year. The Web design industry has gone through fast and evolutionary movements, which is not very surprising. It is not an exception as any artistic expression undergoes the same evaluation. Web design trends of 2010 can be considered as the golden era of web design industry. Never has it seen so many talented and enthusiastic people innovating things every day with the help of simple yet very powerful tools, like CSS3, Flash and HTML5 among others.

Some of the trends that make 2010 special for web designing are:
• Typography: This trend started around 12 years ago and also seriously evolved in the year 2010. Designers pay concentration on details like line height, leading, choice of font etc. Designers love to use typography as an internal part of the whole work and use its large variety of fonts instead of system text.
• Magazine Layout: Many websites tend to go for this trend, as it is a source of entertainment and real time information at the same time. The look of a concise article is very easy to read and obtain information.
• Introduction Blocks: In different websites, we find some very important and informative blocks on the page, which is attractive as well as informative, so being extremely effective.
• Social media sites: This trend has been continuing over last two years and is very effective as well. People like spending quality time online looking for people of the same interest to share information and emotions as well.

The main idea behind these themes is to make information easy to read, and incorporate designs without disturbing the content. Finally, web designers have started giving equal importance to both the content and the design, which is definitely a great sign for the future.