Is This The Most Creative BMX Bike Rider On Earth?

Is this the most creative bike rider on Earth? Tate Roskelley might just be a genius. SUBSCRIBE for more BMX videos:

Forgive the Upworthy-esque YouTube friendly title (no seriously I’m pretty embarrassed but I want to give this a decent chance of doing Tim Knoll numbers) and witness Tate Roskelley. Tate’s got just about the most original perspective on BMX you can imagine. I think years ago when Jim C said “I just want to see what’s possible”, Tate took his words at face value. His riding is less about making a statement and more about asking questions. What is a bike trick? What is a street spot? The answers aren’t always pretty (I’m sure he isn’t going to start riding around with his stem bolts loose full time) but they’re always interesting and Tate is always having fun.

Thanks so much to Elf for filming this, you are a god amongst men.








Important Tips to Create a Successful and Functional Office Design!

Interior design is one of the most important yet underestimated factors responsible for creating a happier, healthier and productive workplace. A good office interior design enhances the aesthetics of the space, strengthens your corporate identity, conveys your brand images, boosts the morale and productivity of the employees and leaves a lasting impression on clients and visitors. As more and more companies realise the role of interior design in organizational success, they are hiring professional interior design companies to design an aesthetic and functional office space. Some key design tips that result in successful office design are as follows:

1) Avoid Clutter: A cluttered environment creates a cluttered mind and turns your creative haven into a disorganized, messy office space. It makes employees feel overwhelmed and frustrated causing a decline in productivity. An office starts looking cluttered when you start putting a lot of stuff in a small space. To avoid this, ensure that you have minimal furniture and accessories. Choose multi-purpose, foldable furniture that helps you streamline your storage requirements. Create a pin-board where you can pin all important notes and avoid unnecessary clutter of paper-work on the desks. Pin-boards are the latest trends and they enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space.

2) Focus on Employees Comfort: An uncomfortable work environment takes a toll on the employee’s productivity as well as on their health. As a result, an office should be designed considering several factors including ergonomics, lighting, thermal comfort and air quality. The temperature of the room should not be too hot or too cold. You should periodically clean and manage the HVAC system to ensure a proper humidity level and a good quality of air. When selecting chairs, always choose ergonomic chairs that provide good back and spinal support. Always have a balance of natural lighting and artificial lighting sources. Having adequate windows in a room would ensure supply of natural light and fresh air. Also, arrangements should be made to control glares, excessive sunlight and shadows.

3) Access to Nature: Many studies suggest that offices with elements that expose employees to nature show a higher level of well-being and productivity. It also helps in reducing stress-levels as it gives employees a feel of being connected to the outside world. There are various ways in which this can happen. Some of them include creating a small indoor courtyard, having paintings with images of nature, colouring the office walls with colour, textures and patterns resembling elements of nature and using glass walls that give employees a glimpse of the outside world.

A successful workplace interior design is the one that understands the goal of the given space, makes the space aesthetically appealing as well as functional and prioritizes employee’s comfort.

38 Ideas with Plastic Bottles

Here are 38 creative ideas to reuse old plastic bottles.

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The Four Creative Behaviors

If you ask a group of people what one of the biggest hurdles is in bringing creativity and ideas to life, there’s a very good chance that most of them will say ‘implementing ideas’. Or more to the point ‘implementing the right ideas’. And the reason for that is that we all fall into one of four different types of creative behavior. And three of those aren’t quite as potent as the fourth. So bear with me a moment while I set the scene. It works like this.

There are four different behaviors (let’s call them quadrants) and these quadrants are outlined by a horizontal and vertical axis. The vertical axis represents activity – low on one end and high on the other. The horizontal axis represents ideas – again low on one end and high on the other. Our creative behavior fits within one of those quadrants.


In the top left quadrant are people who are fantastic at coming up with ideas and concepts. They are great at seeing possibilities. However they are not very good at acting on those ideas. These are the ideas people but their challenge is in finding a place in the world for their ideas. We still need these people because we need great ideas and we need people who can see unique and fresh possibilities.

We call these people – the ‘Thinkers’.


Opposite these people in the bottom right-hand quadrant are the people who are really good at taking action. These people may not be great at coming up with the ideas but they are really good at getting active and making them happen. In fact quite often ideas are passed to them, usually by the thinkers. We need these people because they’re the ones who get ideas up and running.

We call these people – the ‘Activators’


Then in the bottom left-hand quadrant, are people who are not really good at coming up with ideas or at acting on ideas. That doesn’t mean they are less creative than everyone else, it simply means they may not have been given the right opportunities or haven’t been taught how to utilize their creative talents. We need these people too, because they are the future if we nurture them well.

We call these people – the ‘Students’.


Then in the top right quadrant we have those who are both really creative and good at coming up with ideas BUT are also really good at taking action on their ideas as well. This is gold.

It’s a good thing to have great ideas but unless you act on those ideas, it’s a complete waste of time. It’s also a good thing to be proactive but if you act on the wrong ideas, then it’s a waste of effort. Think-a-vators are good at doing both in a complementary manner. We need these people because they have a knack of finding the right ideas and making them work.

We call these people – the ‘Think-a-vators’

All for one

Here’s the good news, rarely do we sit completely and totally in one quadrant, we tend to flip around. The goal of course is to be think-a-vators, but that won’t always be the case. At times, depending on the project, the environment and the problem, we may find ourselves predominantly in one quadrant. And that’s okay.


Within any organization, within any team, there is a blend of creative people who sit across all quadrants, and we need them all. We need the ‘thinkers’ to provoke ideas, we need the activators to get things done, and we need the students for their fresh perspectives. In that sense, if we get the blend of creative talent right – if we get the casting right – the team itself becomes a ‘think-a-vator’

So the issue of implementation is not one of coming up with ideas it’s not one of taking action. The real issue with implementation is in getting the mix right between finding the right ideas and then acting on those ideas. It is being a thinker and an activator. It’s being a ‘Think-a-vator’.

Photoshop Live – Street Retouch Prank

One Photoshop magician, one bus stop and lots of hidden cameras. For more creativity in action visit to see the event live online at Adobe Creative Day on June 11, 2013, at 9.00 (Finland 10.00).

Speakers include Malik Bendjelloul, director of Searching for Sugarman, National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen, creative technologist Ellen Sundh, fashion designer Henrik Vibskov, and Adobe evangelists Paul Trani & Jason Levine.

The whole day of inspiring sessions can also be seen On Demand from June 12. Want to be there live on the 11th? Register here:

Follow the event on Twitter: #CreativeDay

Adobe Creative Day – a part of Create Now World Tour

Agency: Abby Norm
Starring: Erik Johansson – Photographer & Retouch Artist
Music by: Hannes Lidén & Bessem Bedziri
Production company: We Are Digital Sthlm
Film production: Autoboys


Enjoy your Creative Korea – Official TVC for 2016 Korea Tourism – 60s

‘Enjoy your Creative Korea’ is a new TVC by Korea Tourism Organization featuring movie star Song Joong-ki.
‘Enjoy your Creative Korea’ introduces a variety of creative attractions you can experience in Korea.

Meet the creative people
Taste the creative cuisine
Feel the creative vibe
Love the creative nightlife

Enjoy your Creative Korea

Learn more about Korea through our channels!


Kids Arts and Crafts to Foster Creativity

Arts and crafts are necessary automobiles for early childhood schooling. Enjoying is a toddler’s occupation – it is their career. Simply as younger adults research various professions to construct a future profession and/or earn a dwelling, youngsters additionally develop expertise by way of play. These expertise are vital so they could progress to their subsequent stage of life. For each talent, nevertheless, instruments are required so the craft could also be absolutely developed, and that is the place youngsters arts and crafts are available.

Within the early years, infants very instinctively develop primary expertise like greedy and manipulating toys with hand or mouth contact which might be refined as they develop. Toddlers could be fairly ingenious relating to their psychological dexterity and fast or nimble dealing with of objects or conditions. They fairly often shock their mother and father. Youngsters artwork and crafts merchandise might be very useful throughout these formative developmental years.

Young children are fairly artistic and sometimes categorical these talents in inventive methods. Drawings, for instance, are often consultant of their perceptions, which is one medium that permits them to precise how they see the world. Self-expression is essential at this stage of life and it’s important to offer the best instruments, which foster creativity. There’s a nice number of youngsters arts and crafts merchandise available on the market. Handy kits are additionally out there, that are prepared assembled in packages and sorted by venture.

Whereas being artistic, youngsters additionally love getting messy and three totally different kits cater to that – attempt an array of paints to do finger, face, or sponge portray. Different youngsters arts and crafts kits embrace an introduction to the normal talent of weaving, first stitching package, a jewellery package for glamorous necklace and bracelet concepts, and kits for funky character creations with colourful pompoms, feathers, and wiggly eyes. These are simply a few of your choices in these prepared-to-use kits. Instructional youngsters toys, which exists in a wide array is one other venue to introduce your youngster to creativity.

Improve your kid’s creativeness and creativity by offering them with youngsters instructional video games and youngsters arts and crafts merchandise.

5 Hot Trends That Will Add Pizzazz To Your Home Staging

The primary viewers of any skilled residence staging plan is, in fact, the potential house consumers. These potential consumers are wanting into shifting to your neighborhood and discovering their very own concept of residence in your location. It ought to all the time be stored in thoughts that whereas it’s actually unattainable to please everybody with your property staging efforts, there’s an ambiance or look that appeals to the broadest goal market of consumers that your property is almost definitely to draw.

Tendencies in residence design and staging are altering virtually yearly, so protecting your self conscious of the newest improvements and developments may help you set collectively a staging technique that might be only for the kind of clientele you’re wanting to succeed in out to. Listed here are some present design tendencies which might be well-liked amongst inside design specialists and professional residence stagers.

Sensible houses and automatic controls. Shoppers are in search of the house of the longer term which might be managed, monitored, and systemized utilizing know-how and automatic settings. Excessive-tech automated methods for controlling electrical energy, lighting, temperature, safety, and extra are more and more reasonably priced for householders. In case you have these methods put in in your house already, guarantee they’re working correctly and emphasised throughout home showings.

Kitchens, eating areas, and dwelling rooms outside. Householders are preferential to extensive open areas for outside entertaining and hanging out. Outside kitchen areas might be only a BBQ grill or as complicated as an entire cooking station with a sink, storage, oven, and counter tops.

House theaters and leisure facilities. Households are travelling much less to be able to get monetary savings, and are selecting staycations and residential theaters to entertain themselves. House theater methods, plush seating, state-of-the-artwork sound techniques, and a cushty, homey media middle really feel are very engaging to many residence consumers. You would not have to spend an excessive amount of on a house leisure system; simply recreating the “look” or utilizing props can often full the thought successfully.

Multipurpose or twin-use furnishings. Right now’s shoppers are gravitating in the direction of value-efficient furnishings and residential equipment. Furnishings gadgets which have each type and performance are extremely popular and in addition save area, and they’re notably efficient for staging smaller areas akin to flats, townhouses, and condos.

Sustainable and earth-pleasant. The concentrate on setting-pleasant and power-environment friendly residence equipment and designs could be very excessive amongst residence consumers. Choose bogs and sinks with low-water degree use, or insulation and air con methods which are extra environment friendly and save power. Even paint and flooring merchandise and installations could be greener and extra earth-pleasant.

How to Encourage Creative Thinking in Children Using Visual Art Supplies

I’ve a agency perception that everybody is born with artistic talents. My expertise is that many people who find themselves not conscious of their artistic talents don’t perceive what creativity is. Sadly many individuals weren’t inspired to develop their artistic talents once they have been youngsters. That is one approach to encourage artistic considering in your youngster.

Recognizing, creating and utilizing our artistic talents is significant. With the ability to stretch our considering to incorporate artistic options to our issues, creates new mind cells, will increase our decisions and enhances our coping expertise. The perfect time to study artistic considering is throughout our childhood whereas our brains are rising. Any grownup who’s concerned with youngsters (mother and father, academics, Scout leaders) will help youngsters increase their creativity expertise.

Coloring books and “cookie-cutter” artwork (the kind of artwork by which each youngster makes the identical merchandise) discourage creativity. Though coloring books have a time and objective, when a toddler is coloring in another person’s creation they don’t seem to be studying easy methods to create one thing themselves. There’s additionally a objective for “cookie cutter” artwork, nevertheless, when doing this the kid is studying to comply with instructions from another person. Real creativity is self directed.

Crucial step is to know the developmental levels of drawing. Pointless criticism from adults diminishes a toddler’s means to develop creatively. When adults reply negatively to youngsters they are going to be much less more likely to repeat the exercise. Youngsters start to take pleasure in drawing by the point they’re sufficiently old to carry a marker and can scribble with the marker. Markers are simpler for toddlers to make use of than crayons and safer than pencils. Grownup supervision is important to ensure the kid attracts on paper and doesn’t put the marker of their mouth. A mild reminder that markers are used on paper will usually suffice. If a toddler can’t adjust to this, put the markers away and check out once more later. Toddlers take pleasure in studying to regulate the marker and are starting to study creativity as they create marks on paper. Praising youngsters for his or her work (“Take a look at what you are able to do!”) and placing the work on show will encourage them to proceed their efforts.

Steadily, round three to 4 years of age youngsters understand that strains and shapes truly stand for one thing they usually start to attempt to make deliberate representations. It is very important encourage youngsters to proceed to discover what they will do with markers and by no means criticize or change their drawing. Across the age of 4 youngsters start to make footage. Adults can encourage this by recognizing the expansion the kid has made and expressing their appreciation of it. Throughout this time youngsters will enter a stage referred to as “Named Scribbling” during which they may take a look at one thing they’ve drawn, see a form that appears like “a hen” or “a frog” and identify the scribble as such. Once more it is important to understand this artistic capability within the baby as a way to encourage artistic progress.

From the age of 9 to about 12 years previous youngsters start to attempt to make their drawings extra lifelike. It turns into essential to them to attempt to make their drawings extra proportional, to fill the drawing with particulars, make colours extra practical and discover ways to overlap. At this stage youngsters start to really feel annoyed and should ask adults for extra assist. These youngsters who haven’t acquired grownup encouragement might cease drawing. If youngsters do appear focused on with the ability to draw this can be a good time for them to obtain some drawing instruction. Drawing is a discovered talent.

Clay is one other necessary device for encouraging artistic progress. Grownup supervision is significant as a way to forestall ingestion and, once more, mild reminders that clay is for making issues quite than consuming, often suffice. Permitting the kid to make what ever they need to with the clay will permit them to comply with and develop in their very own artistic course of. The method with clay is just like that of drawing and sometimes youngsters will make one thing, take a look at it after which determine what it’s. Across the age of 9 to 12 it’s regular for boys to make phallic symbols and is essential for adults to have the ability to settle for this with little or no remark.

Paint is one other medium that encourages artistic expression. Faculty age youngsters will get a substantial amount of pleasure out of blending the colours and study an excellent deal as they do. Youngsters take pleasure in watching the colours swirl collectively and steadily mix. When a toddler mixes all the colours collectively and finds that they now have military inexperienced or brown they’ve discovered one thing about colour mixing. If they’re able to combine with some restraint, with the assistance of an grownup, they may start to study colour concept. Paint is far more troublesome to regulate than markers or clay. Stiff brushes assist youngsters management the paint higher.

Issues invariably come up when anybody is making an attempt to create one thing. Issues are alternatives for artistic considering. It’s all the time greatest to permit the kid to attempt to clear up the issue themselves and reward them once they achieve this, stating how artistic they’ve been. Once they ask for assist an grownup can encourage them by reminding them of different occasions once they have solved drawback’s. The grownup also can ask the kid questions to assist the kid consider options. What’s most necessary is that the grownup facilitate the kid’s artistic considering course of, quite than merely fixing the issue for the kid. Adults could make some ideas and ask the kid for extra concepts. Brainstorming for concepts and options with youngsters invariably raises their capability to assume creatively. Ask youngsters for “foolish” concepts. Albert Einstein as soon as stated “If at first the thought just isn’t absurd then there isn’t any hope for it”.

Lastly, take pleasure in doing these actions together with your youngsters! It’s true that all of us study greatest once we are relaxed and we’re extra relaxed once we are having fun with an exercise. It follows then that adults want to have the ability to take pleasure in doing these actions with their youngsters. Watching youngsters take pleasure in their artistic talents could be extraordinarily nice for adults, in addition to instructional. Typically, adults will discover that they’ve discovered a terrific deal about being artistic by watching their youngsters.