Lateral Thinking For Creativity and Innovation Using A Technique Called REST

Lateral Considering does in your thoughts, what electrical energy does for a light-weight bulb. It’s the juice that powers creativity.

Lateral Considering is a time period created by Edward de Bono to explain a means of taking a look at issues from totally different angles or views. By doing so you might discover an revolutionary answer that may in any other case stay hidden from view.

The idea surmises the extra you take a look at an issue from totally different instructions, the higher your probability of discovering a solution to clear up it.

There are solely three methods innovation can happen:

1) One thing by no means earlier than seen is created, for instance the transistor.

2) One thing that exist is repurposed for a special use corresponding to utilizing microwaves to prepare dinner meals or

three) One thing present is improved by incorporating one other present services or products in entire or partially like the primary steam powered vehicle.

Historical past has proven of the three, the combining of two present services or products in entire or partially is the most typical technique used to encourage new concepts that advance our human expertise!

The issue with all of those strategies is usually the inspiration comes by “probability” after lengthy mind bleeding focus.

Sometimes it goes one thing like this: you spend monumental mind energy pouring over an issue you are attempting to unravel. You go over the issue numerous occasions, like a canine chasing its tail and also you get nothing. You are nearly able to throw within the towel when, as if by some bizarre magic you’ve gotten an epiphany! The answer to your drawback seems with absolute readability.

Generally, these revelations are stimulated by some random look of one thing completely unrelated.

What’s actually maddening is discovering the answer to a perplexing drawback, was so apparent in hind sight that you simply kick your self for being so blind to see it.

I name it my “Homer Simpson” second the place I slap my brow and say “Doh!”

Why is that? Why can we miss the apparent so typically?

Our minds are properly educated in logical considering. We’ve got been educated and socialized in a world the place logical considering is required to perform.

Our pure artistic considering means has diminished to a pitiful impotent degree both from lack of improvement and/or lack of use. Solely a fortunate few managed to maintain their artistic minds flourishing by means of to maturity.

For most individuals there’s a disconnect between the analytical left aspect of the mind and the artistic proper aspect of the mind.

Our mind accommodates ninety billion neurons with a possible of 100 trillion distinctive connections. New connections are made with every new thought generated by our expertise and creativeness.

Our thoughts cannot distinguish between the 2. We have now numerous experiences to type new connections from however as adults we have now little or no connections created through the use of our pure creativity, our creativeness!

Considering laterally stimulates our creativeness creating new connections linking your logical left aspect of your mind to your artistic proper aspect.

A strong thoughts is created when there are many connections between the 2 sides.

Though reverse to one another Lateral Considering and Logical Considering work hand in hand. Lateral Considering evokes whereas Logical Considering implements.

As soon as your thoughts embraces the method of lateral considering, it shortly learns its OK to make use of the amassed information you might have and mix it in new, typically loopy methods to encourage ingenious options for any drawback you face.

There’s a method referred to as REST (Random Exterior Stimulus Method) that evokes artistic considering.

Slightly than ready for “probability” to encourage your creativity you possibly can practice your thoughts to search for inspiration.

The most important problem you’ll have to studying the Random Exterior Stimulus Method is your personal logical thoughts. Your journey to turn into extra targeted, smarter, even a genius requires that you simply follow being completely foolish!

Yep, get insanely foolish!

For starters, anticipate to be ridiculous, your logical thoughts has been in management for therefore lengthy you will resist this and should even really feel embarrassed. So follow intensely alone. Have enjoyable, snigger at your self, however significantly push your creativeness!

You may be amazed at how exhilarating the expertise is!

Identical to exercising requires you push your physique nicely past what you do the remainder of the day, exercising your artistic thoughts requires the identical.

Lateral Considering develops your creativity. For enjoyable clear up this drawback utilizing REST.

Apply by randomly choosing one thing round you proper now. Do that earlier than studying additional…

… OK you picked one thing?

Now utilizing this object as inspiration attempt to remedy this drawback:

What number of numbers are in ZERO? I am going to offer you a touch,there are greater than sixty four,000 numbers in ZERO! Inform me how this may be?

The easiest way to get began is to write down down all of the traits and origins of the random supply of inspiration you picked. Write down the whole lot you recognize about it whereas considering of the issue. Use your uncensored wild creativeness, with out judgment on the result. Make-up tales which will reply this query and write them down regardless how silly or idiotic they could sound or seem.

Keep in mind that is simply follow.

Should you actually need to have enjoyable with this perform some research on the random merchandise to study extra about it.

After you have exhausted all of your loopy concepts and wrote them down, take a look at them with a logical thoughts for one thing which will present some benefit or spark a reliable concept.

The essential “should” on this train, is the supply of your inspiration, it have to be completely random!

In case you attempt to decide one thing that you simply assume (logically) is best to make use of as stimulus you lose the chance to coach your thoughts.

In case you provide you with the answer to this drawback please let me know, I might love to listen to from you. You possibly can attain me at my web site listed under.