Mindfulness and Creativity: The Wow of Wonder

You’re so artistic.

Do not deny it. Whether or not or not you contemplate your self a artistic sort, the reality is that you’re always creating concepts.

Mindfulness invitations you to concentrate on this continually flowing river, and provides a chance to decide on to take a seat beside it as an alternative of swimming in it. By watching the concepts from that calm riverbank, you possibly can extra clearly see those that float to the highest and sparkle within the solar.

However mindfulness is extra than simply thoughts watching thoughts. Once we are engaged within the course of of making–whether or not that is phrases, numbers, music, artwork, or motion–with out getting swept up within the idea of the place it could be main, that may be a very pure type of mindfulness.

If creating is mindfulness in motion, the little push that will get issues shifting is the joys of discovery. As people, we’re fascinated by novelty, and we’re pulled by our pleasure of seeing one thing in a brand new mild.

Mindfulness permits us to strategy the world with childlike marvel, to play with new ideas, and to see issues from a shifted perspective. You possibly can’t all the time interact in new actions, however via mindfulness, you’ll be able to take a look at the identical-previous similar-previous with recent eyes.

The Wow of Marvel is what stimulates us to be artistic. With out it, we’re more likely to come down with our tradition’s most prevalent illness–mindlessness. Mindlessness causes us to maneuver via life with out actually connecting to any of it. It is dwelling on auto-pilot. It is dwelling with out marvel–or enjoyable.

This is a useful reminder: enjoyable is sweet. We do not have to make mindfulness HARD. There’s nothing onerous about it. We have been extremely aware and artistic as youngsters, and guess what? We had much more enjoyable then, too!

The issues that captivated you as a toddler have been objects and concepts that triggered your sense of marvel. You observed one thing new, and jumped proper into the Wow of Marvel. And there have been loads of issues that elicited that response each single day.

A bug you’d by no means seen. A card trick. One thing beneath a microscope. A brand new musical instrument. A dance transfer. A track. An animal. A poem. A historic reality. A brand new taste of sweet.

Mindfulness is a catalyst for marvel. You discover one thing. An concept is sparked. A distinction is made. A perspective shifts. There’s a fullness in that second, ripe with prospects however unburdened by expectations.

The Wow of Marvel is what permits us to transcend what we “know” and float in that river of concepts with out sinking underneath the load of analysis. In our most aware moments, it’s marvel that saves us from overthinking and retains issues mild.

There isn’t any have to work at making mindfulness part of your life. It is already there, and you may glimpse it in all your favourite reminiscences. Being proper there within the second, filled with marvel, and enjoying with discovery–that is you being a artistic individual!

Take note of your moments of enjoyable, and you will see that there is a hearty dose of mindfulness in there. You’re smiling. You’re absolutely current. You’re creating concepts and responses. You are feeling alive.

Turning into aware is just getting reconnected to marvel concerning the world and your home in it. Search for the Wow of Marvel, and you will find your self immersed in mindfulness.

Is not it marvel-ful?