The Seven Pillars of Creativity

“It’s higher to create than to be discovered, creating is the true essence of life” stated Barthold Georg Niebuhr. Creatively is certainly the best present to the mankind. A person is totally different from all animals solely due to his creativity. Even inside males, it’s the creativity that distinguishes a pacesetter from follower, an entrepreneur from his worker, a author from his reader and an incredible from the atypical.

We’re all artistic as we’re always altering bodily, mentally and emotionally. An individual isn’t in the identical mind-set in any two moments. His ideas journey quicker than the velocity of sunshine. He could also be pleased in a single second but depressed in simply the subsequent second. He might love an individual at one time and hate the identical persona after someday. He might love his nation one time and detest it in solely few days later.

The creation of an individual is not any totally different than the individual himself. There’s a nice correlation between the psychological state of an individual and his creations. A cheerful individual could make pleased creation whereas an sad individual can solely create sorrowful creation.

Whereas all creations are distinctive, these aren’t valued equally by the individuals. It will be important that different individual too identifies with the artistic artwork. Everybody can create music or write a music. But until these arts stir the soul of numerous different individuals, the creation is of no worth.

There it is very important perceive the true artwork of creativity lies in creating reference to the souls of different individuals and the soul of the world. Solely such individual could make nice creation whose soul is related with different souls. The best writers, poets and leaders turn out to be ineffective as soon as this twine is damaged. That is the hallmark of a artistic individual. A artistic individual can final provided that he stands on strong basis. Followings are the seven pillars of creativity.


A artistic individual is an easy individual. He is aware of the significance of simplicity as solely from easy dwelling, the excessive considering originates. He is aware of that he can perceive one thing solely when he “stand-underneath” which signifies that he think about himself a humble scholar and think about every little thing else as a instructor. A scholar alone can study from an individual and even from a factor. A artistic individual learns not solely from sensible but in addition from fools. He learns from nature, crops and animals. Vanity is subsequently the most important enemy of creativity.


A artistic individual all the time learns from others. His studying consists of not solely the dwelling beings with whom he can work together and argue but in addition those that aren’t extra on this world. But their information is saved within the books. Thus by studying books, a artistic individual perceive the ideas of nice males. He is aware of that each nice creation is construct from one other creation identical to each human being is created from different human beings (his mother and father). Subsequently, he’s a voracious reader who learns rather a lot from others.


All of us see hundreds of occasions happening every single day earlier than our eyes. We by no means hassle to study from them. We by no means assume why issues are occurring in a specific approach and never occurring in some other method? Tens of millions of individuals had seen apple falling however it was solely Newton who thought why an apple is falling on the bottom. This made all of the distinction. A considering man observes and thinks about every part round him and attempt to study from the everyday occasions.


Whereas atypical individuals take the issues as a right and ascribe the whole lot to God or unknown purpose, a artistic individual all the time purpose. He doesn’t think about any rationalization last and any assertion as Gospel fact. He tries to problem each rationalization and attempt to discover a higher rationalization. Einstein stated, “Newton, forgive me.” as his theories changed Newtonian physics.


The true information emerges solely by the interplay of thoughts. An individual sitting in isolation can’t hold his thoughts worm identical to a bit of wooden can’t retain its warmth whether it is separated from the opposite items of woods that are burning. You need to work together with human minds to ignite and check your creativity. In any case they’re the individuals for whom you’re creating. In case your creation doesn’t contact them, it’s merely ineffective.


Each artistic individual is aware of the ache of failing. Even a genius can’t all the time create excellence. Even Einstein failed a number of occasions. Subsequently a artistic individual retains on experimenting with new concepts and ideas. He is aware of that even failures train a person many issues as correctly stated by Prof. Anon,

“Each experiment proves one thing. If it does not show what you needed it to show, it proves one thing else.”

The story goes that “Thomas Edison failed greater than 1,000 occasions earlier than he created electrical bulb. When requested he, replied,

“I’ve not failed 10,000 occasions. I’ve efficiently found 10,000 methods to NOT make a light-weight bulb.”


A artistic individual loves the world and the individuals. It is just for the love of this world that he creates issues that are desired by the society and other people. Love provides him the motivation to create and know the individuals. An individual filled with hatred can solely destroy issues however he can by no means create something.

Creativity is Divine

Typically individuals turn out to be conceited once they begin having fun with the fruits of creativity. They mistakenly consider that they will all the time create nice issues at their will. This vanity quickly finishes their creativity as they distance themselves from the humanity. They’re not able to really feel their ideas and love them. It is very important keep in mind that creation occurs of their very own and no individual can ever plan them.

They’re identical to youngsters who’ve come by means of you however not from you. Within the phrases of Khalil Gibran

Your youngsters aren’t your youngsters.

They’re the little kids of Life’s eager for itself.

They arrive by way of you however not from you,

And although they’re with you but they belong to not you.

That is true for each creation.