Web Design Trend of 2010

The Web design industry is extremely unpredictable as the trends keep changing every year. The Web design industry has gone through fast and evolutionary movements, which is not very surprising. It is not an exception as any artistic expression undergoes the same evaluation. Web design trends of 2010 can be considered as the golden era of web design industry. Never has it seen so many talented and enthusiastic people innovating things every day with the help of simple yet very powerful tools, like CSS3, Flash and HTML5 among others.

Some of the trends that make 2010 special for web designing are:
• Typography: This trend started around 12 years ago and also seriously evolved in the year 2010. Designers pay concentration on details like line height, leading, choice of font etc. Designers love to use typography as an internal part of the whole work and use its large variety of fonts instead of system text.
• Magazine Layout: Many websites tend to go for this trend, as it is a source of entertainment and real time information at the same time. The look of a concise article is very easy to read and obtain information.
• Introduction Blocks: In different websites, we find some very important and informative blocks on the page, which is attractive as well as informative, so being extremely effective.
• Social media sites: This trend has been continuing over last two years and is very effective as well. People like spending quality time online looking for people of the same interest to share information and emotions as well.

The main idea behind these themes is to make information easy to read, and incorporate designs without disturbing the content. Finally, web designers have started giving equal importance to both the content and the design, which is definitely a great sign for the future.